06 September 2013

Krust helmets, Prague

It's about time we wrote about product design! It may seem that while we were getting carried away with gourmet restaurants and designer shops, we lost sight of all the great young Czech product designers that are slowly making their way into the spotlight...Wrong! We have kept our eyes peeled for these young talents and are happy to introduce them to you. Today, we'll have a look at a young company Krust, which specializes in designer helmets.

Krust was founded by the passionate cyclists Alexander Klimeš and Jaroslav Endršt, who being bored of the design of the classical bicycle helmet, decided to take things into their own hands. They joined forces with the young design studio deFORM and came up with their first collection of funky helmets. What we love about their product is that not only does it bring style to biking, rollerblading, skateboarding but it also meets all safety norms and is certified. As the company revealed, we should keep an eye out for a collection of snowboard and ski helmets in the future! Below is just a teasing sample of Krust's product range, to view more visit their website.  

 Images courtesy of Krust.



Will be Good, and Add Colour. To Rollerblading & Skate Boarder,s. In Stromovka.

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