18 September 2013

Public Transport Museum, Prague

We love chairs and we also love competitions. Imagine a combination of the two...Well, the Museum of Public Transport in Prague is currently holding a competition, in the form of a survey that allows the public to vote for the most comfortable public transport seat. There are altogether 8 prototypes to choose from, including ones that you may recognize from your local bus or tram. The Prague Public Transit Company has also introduced 4 new designs. The competition will run till November 17th and you can take part by either visiting the museum personally or voting online. By taking part, you will automatically be included in a prize draw and can win books and other small items. Unfortunately, the online voting form is only available in Czech, so it may be better for you to visit the museum yourself. And let's be frank here, how do you expect to vote for the most comfortable seat, without actually trying it?

    Photo courtesy of The Prague Public Transit Company


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