20 August 2013

The Real Meat Society, Prague

This post may seem a little out of place compared to the usual things we blog about but let me assure you that it rightly deserves to be in the spotlight. Remember our post about the Sansho restaurant in Prague? Well, its chef Paul Day has caught our attention once again, this time with his meat shop The Real Meat Society.

Unique not only in its concept but also its product offering, The Real Meat Society will please even the most demanding carnivore. This meat shop prides itself on selling meat that is antibiotic and hormone free and comes from small local farms. The shop also sells less famous breeds and abides by a nose to tail philosophy (all animal parts can be effectively consumed, including parts rarely used). Though the price of the meat is on the higher side, Paul Day's experience as a butcher and a famous chef should serve as an assurance of quality. 

Though right now their website is only in Czech, it is worth a visit to get a sense of the entire unique concept of the store. Who would have thought there is an art in selling meat? For those of you who understand Czech, you may enjoy browsing through some of the recipes The Real Meat Society regularly posts online.  

The Real Meat Society
Náplavní 5, Prague 2
Opening hours:
Tue - Wed 11-18
Thur - Fri 11-19
Sat 9-13


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