27 June 2013

Design shops, Prague

If you are a fan of great design, you might be wondering where to buy original items by Czech designers. After all, a souvenir from the Czech Republic doesn't always have to be a "Prague - Czech me out" t-shirt or a beer glass. Why not bring home something truly original?

Perhaps unlike in some cities around the world, where the design community is concentrated in a certain neighborhood or around a certain street, in Prague designers are scattered around the city and may be more difficult to find. Nevertheless, a lot of them are located in the city center and hence, are easily accessible to tourists as well. That is if they know where to find them...

Below is a list of some of the most famous design stores in Prague, which are also my personal favorites. This time, I have mainly listed stores with jewelry, home decor, glassware, books and other smaller items. Some of them may include fashion as well, though I have not specifically focused on these, as that would require a separate post altogether. We can keep those for next time...

Celetná 29, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Daily 10-19


U Lužického semináře 7, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Daily 10-19

Artěl as a company was founded in 1998 by an American design enthusiast Karen Feldman, who moved to Prague in 1994. The Artěl design store opened in 2007. The store showcases Artěl glassware, together with hand selected vintage and contemporary jewelry, toys and other design items. Artěl glassware blends modern design with traditional Czech craftsmanship. Hence, Artěl products will please even the most demanding collectors of beautiful glass.

Photo courtesy of Artěl

Sládkova 7, Prague 7
Opening hours:
Mon - Tue 11-18
Thur - Fri  11-18

De-sign.cz is the store of Iva S. Tattermuschová, whose studio focuses on graphic design, as well as glass and porcelain objects. The store also has an eshop, which sells the works of many Czech designers, in addition to De-sign.cz's very own products. The store also received the Czech Grand Design Awards nomination in 2012.

Photo courtesy of De-sign.cz

Futurista Universum
Betlémské nám. 5a, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri - 11-18.30
Sat 10-18.30

Futurista Universum opened in 2009 in the very heart of Prague. This particular store is unique in that it offers products by Czech designers specially made for the Futurista Universum brand. Hence, the store caters to a wide customer base, varying from young design enthusiasts to true collectors.

Photo courtesy of Futurista Universum

Harddecore Gallery
Senovážné náměstí 10, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 11-19
Sat 11-17

Harddecore is a small design and fashion gallery that specializes in contemporary design by upcoming Czech designers. Among them for example the famous Llev design studio, which are renowned for their glass work. In addition to the shop, Harddecore have their design studio in the premises above the store, where you are also welcome to have visit. Additionally, they now also run an online shop. 

Photo courtesy of Harddecore

Dům U Černé Matky Boží
Ovocný trh 19, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Tue - Sun 10-18.30

The Kubista store opened in 2002 on the ground floor of the Czech Cubism Museum. Hence, the store started as a museum shop, specializing in replicas and restored objects from the Cubism era. Over the years it expanded its variety to include Art Deco, as well as upcoming young Czech designers. The store now also runs an eshop, where you can get a better sense of the unique design items that are available for purchase.

Photo courtesy of Kubista

Benediktská 7, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri 11-19
Sat 11-16

Looking for quirky and funky jewelry, handbags, fashion or home decor items? Kuráž is the store for you. This shop focuses on unique items created by young Czech and Slovak designers and brands. You can also check out their eshop!  

Photo courtesy of Kuráž

Celetná 12, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Daily 11-19


Obecní dům
nám. Republiky 5, Prague 1
Opening hours:
Daily 10-18

Modernista is famous among design enthusiasts in Prague. The store dates back to 1999 when it started as an online shop. Two years later the store opened. Modernista focuses on Czech cubism and Czech 20th century design. Among the items on display, you will find restored original pieces, as well as replicas of famous design objects. Modernista became particularly famous for its furniture pieces from the 1930s.

Photo courtesy of Modernista

Pop-Up Store
Centrum Chodov
Roztylská 2321/19, Prague 4
Opening hours:
Daily 9-21

A very recent addition to our list of design shops in Prague is the new Pop-Up Store in Chodov. The uniqueness of this particular pop-up store is that it is the first to open in a shopping center. The shop showcases the works of nine young Czech designers, including Zuzana Serbák, Markéta Richterová and others. As with all pop-up stores, even this one has its limited life span, the store will be be running till July 14th.

Photo courtesy of Pop-Up Store

Qubus Design Studio
Rámová 3, Prague 1


Dox by Qubus
Poupětova 1, Prague 7

The Qubus Design Studio was founded in 2002 by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velčovský, renowned names in Czech design. This non-standard design shop presents above all contemporary Czech design and conceptual design. With the opening of the gallery and center for contemporary art - Dox in 2008, Qubus opened their second shop within the premises of this gallery.

Photo courtesy of Qubus


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