10 June 2013

Observatory and Planetarium, Brno

When was the last time you took your kids to a planetarium? In fact, when was the last time YOU went to one? Probably in your primary school days...With the new Star Trek movie running in cinemas and the increasing popularity of The Bing Bang Theory sitcom, perhaps now is the right time to brush up on your astronomy knowledge. And what better place to hide from the uncertain European summer weather than under the roof of a planetarium!

The Brno observatory is certainly proof that planetariums can be cool. This particular observatory was extensively renovated in 2010 and boasts of beautiful modern interiors and captivating video projection shows. Below a few images to serve as teasers, for more don't hesitate to head down to Brno to see it for yourself.

Photos courtesy of the Observatory and Planetarium, Brno



Looks Great. Well worth a Look.

BD said...

I might see you there!

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