09 December 2014


The one thing that I truly love about writing this blog is the constant, never-ending process of discovery of young talented designers. In fact, I come across so much talent that I don't even have the time to cover them all on my blog. And to think that I'm just focusing on ONE country...

Today was another one of those revelations. I came across a company called Contiqua, founded by the 25 year old Jindřich Fialka. The concept of the company is quite simple: "We use design to deal with waste." I know what you may be thinking right now, another one of those companies that manufactures women's purses from used tires...But Contiqua is anything but that. Yes, they reuse old materials but they use materials that are difficult to recycle like traffic signs, leather scraps and pianos and the way they use them is not like anything that I have seen before.

Their final products are breath-taking: top quality and top design. What makes the company even more interesting, is the fact that they work directly with the companies that the scrap materials come from (3M, Petrof, etc.), as these companies understand their own products best. THAT is a unique concept.

Photos courtesy of Contiqua


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