17 January 2014

Apartment restaurants, Prague & Hospozín

We like to keep you updated on the latest trends in dining, so that you're always in the know when it comes to good food. Let's just say we like you to be the cool kid on the block. This time we have discovered a trend that will not only please your palate but will also take care of your social life. We're talking about apartment dining.

Some of you may have come across this trend in other countries, others may be hearing about this for the first time. The principle is quite simple. Food enthusiasts organize dinners in their own homes and offer a seat at the table to anyone interested to join. Hence, the name apartment restaurant. We already found two in the Czech Republic that are active and becoming increasingly popular.

This form of dining is not only the perfect way to enjoy some great food but also a great opportunity to meet new people. So how can you attend a house dinner and how much will it cost? Follow the Facebook page of any of the two below mentioned restaurants and look out for the dates and menu of their upcoming dinners. The price for the dinner will be mentioned on the menu. If you find something you like, sign up fast because there are limited seats available and they do get booked quickly! Happy dining! Oh and do drop us a note if you attend, we would love to hear how the food was and

 Image courtesy of Apartment restaurant Na faře


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