05 November 2013

Whoop De Doo

On a slightly different note this time, yet just as playful and quality design focused, today's post will introduce you to the company Whoop De Doo. If you haven't heard of them already, you are in for a surprise. Whoop De Doo was founded by the young Czech designer Anna Marešová and its product portfolio is quite straightforward: she sex toys. Yes, you heard us. Anna Marešová designed a collection of sleek and modern sex toys as part of her M.A. project at UJEP University in Ústí nad Labem. Soon her fame spread through the media, as she won the main prize at the 20th Annual National Student Design Awards back in 2011. Her motivation for designing such a collection of intimate products was to break away from the tradition of confining the products to pornography or something forbidden and instead present them as hygienic, clean and playful. If you look at the final design of the products, as well as the packaging, I think you'll agree that she succeeded in her goal.     

Photo courtesy of Whoop De Doo

In about a week's time, Whoop De Doo will be launching the sale of its products online. You can now go to the website and register to receive up-to-date news about the launch and future product introductions.  


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