07 June 2012

Sansho, Prague

Very recently the Czech daily Hospodářské noviny set out to find the top 25 restaurants in the Czech Republic. Their strategy was simple. First they selected 16 Czech gastronomy experts and asked them to list their top 10 favorite restaurants across the country. The lists could cover anything from Michelin- starred restaurants to pubs and diners. Then they awarded the highly ranked restaurants points and added up the results. And the winner? Sansho restaurant in Prague.

Sansho opened only a year and a few months back and has already managed to capture the hearts (and palates) of the locals. Its chef, the Stafford born Paul Day, manages to uniquely combine Czech ingredients to create state of the art Asian cuisine. With great food and a homely setting, we can only recommend you to check Sansho out for yourself.   

 Photo courtesy of Sansho restaurant


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