15 May 2012

Galerie Závodný, Mikulov

It is time to shift our focus away from interior design and back to architecture. It has been a while since I last covered this fascinating field and I am all the more happy to dive back into this topic through the architectural design of a gallery.

While browsing through the winners of this year's Grand Prix of Architects, the annual award exhibition of Czech architecture, the gallery "Galerie Závodný" caught my attention. A winner in the new build category, Galerie Závodný is located in Mikulov, a small town in the South Moravian region on the border with Austria. This private gallery opened in 2011 in the historic heart of the city and focuses mainly on the promotion of local, as well as Central and Eastern European minimalist artists. The gallery is the work of the architect Ing. arch. Štěpán Děnge.

The evaluation of the jury of the Grand Prix of Architects describes the building best: "The natural beauty and color of the limestone with a diverse structure of fossils, together with the minimalist expression and form compactness, looks stoic and calm and allows the refined presentation of arts and cultural representation to come forth."    

Photos courtesy of Galerie Závodný


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