24 August 2010

Café Fara, Klentnice

The village of Klentnice lies at the foot of the mountain "Stolová hora" in Southern Moravia, about 5km outside of Mikulov. Although the area is renowned for its vineyards, the village can now pride itself for brewing Czech Republic's finest coffee. Indeed, Café Fara offers a unique blend of experience and design.

A rustic house from the outside, Café Fara seduces visitors with its cozy & homely interior.

Though its history only dates back to April 2009, the café can already boast of making the top 10 cafés in the Czech Republic list, compiled by the daily MF Dnes. What is particularly pleasing for town visitors - Café Fara will soon offer accommodation services.

Photos courtesy of Štěpán Vrzala and Café Fara


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