23 May 2010

Kino Světozor, Prague

So what's so special about a cinema? Well, for one Kino Světozor is not your ordinary movie theatre, it's what one would call an 'art house'. The history of Světozor dates back to 1918, when the first screening took place. In 1968, following the Montreal Expo '67, the cinema became the home for the Czechoslovak invention Kinoautomat, the world's first interactive movie, in which the audience determines the plot of the film.

After a rather turbulent history, the cinema underwent serious renovation on the occassion of its 90th anniversary in 2008. The modernization of the art house resulted not only in a new interior, but also new opening hours, dramaturgy, as well as overall presentation and marketing.

An example of the modern features of the cinema would be the Adoptive Parents Club, which allows fans to adopt a chair in Světozor for the period of five years. This initiative is yet another factor that differentiates the art house from every other multiplex cinema. And if that's not enough, then you may also be pleased to know that this year the Kinoautomat returns to Světozor during the months of May and June.


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