24 March 2015

Online Postcard App by the Czech Post

Ok, so what I'm about to write about is not exactly a standard topic for this blog but I found the product so great, I just had to share. Plus I haven't really come across this anywhere else...

A few days ago the Czech Post launched a new app called the Online Postcard. As you can maybe already guess from the name, the app lets users create and mail postcards from their personal photos. I downloaded the app and gave it a go. The app is in Beta testing, so there may be a few glitches here and there... I particularly noticed a few mistakes in the English translation but other than that it worked perfectly fine.

The process is quite simple. You start by selecting the size of your postcard from 3 available formats. You then select the photo you would like to use. You can select one from your phone, take a new photo or use a template. Before filling out the backside you can edit the photo (crop, rotate, filter, etc.). You then add the addressee (the app can pull contacts from your phone or you input the address manually) and your message. The app offers four default colors, letter fonts and sizes. Finally, you enter your email, accept the terms & conditions and proceed to online payment through PayU. The postcard will be printed and sent for delivery the next working day after payment. The same postcard can be sent to up to 10 addresses at the same time. You can also save your created postcards in drafts. 

The actual app is free to download, payment is for the printing and delivery of the card. The prices vary depending on the size of the card and the country of delivery. To give you an idea, a standard sized postcard delivered within the Czech Republic will cost you 25 Kč, the same card within the EU will cost 37 Kč and outside Europe 42 Kč. Very affordable if you ask me and definitely worth the money!    

Available for free on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS), more information in English check the website here. The app can be downloaded here


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