08 February 2012

Chateau Napajedla

Napajedla is a small town of 8,000 inhabitants, located in Moravia in the Zlín region. While there is a lot to be seen in Zlín, after all it was here that Tomáš Baťa founded his famous shoe factory, Napajedla is not exactly a renowned tourist destination. In fact, few Czechs would be able to locate the town on a map... and yet I feel obliged to write about Napajedla. Why? Well, the reason is simple. Few places in Europe offer luxurious accommodation for affordable prices. So if you've never slept in a chateau before, this is certainly the place to go. You will fall in love with the delicate design of the rooms, combining traditional elements with modern touches.   


Photos courtesy of Chateau Napajedla


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